One of Mula’s secret weapons is the ability to turn data into graphics.
Our proprietary Champagne Study is a custom indicator not found anywhere in the galaxy. Now you can enjoy Champagne any time of day!
The Champagne Study overlay is portrayed by floating bubbles. 
The bubble movements and behaviours are controlled by three powerful indicators.  


1. Relative Strength Index.  (RSI)

2. Volume

3. Moving average convergence divergence (MACD)

Secrets of the Champagne Study:​

1. The volume of bubbles displays the general volume of a stock.  High bubble count indicates high volume of trades. Low bubble count, the inverse. 

2. Bubble color indicates if a stock is overbought or undersold.

 A. If the bubbles are blue, then the stock is undersold.


 B. If the bubbles are green, then they are in optimal buy position. 


 C. If the bubbles turn orange, its a caution to the stock being close to oversold.


 D. If the bubbles turn red, the stock is now oversold and volatile.