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Introducing a
revolutionary trading platform designed for the interest's of tomorrows trading minds.

MULA was developed by some of the best engineers in the world. 
But before we laid down a single line of code we spent a year designing the most sunning application the financial world has ever witnessed.

MULA harnesses a revolutionary UI that has pushed the boundaries of front
and backend development.

A better UI
for better trades





MULA injects a reward system that is not only fun,
but incredibly incentivized.

The better a users performance 
the higher ranking badge they receive to show off.

The higher the badge,
the more interest they receive in their cash accounts. 

The algorithm is built around every user on on Mula's network and users are ranked based on winning percentile,
similar to the ELO system in chess.


Our team has developed the ultimate
networking brokerage platform.

Users engage by sharing their trades and ideas,

all wrapped up in an unparalleled
stunning experience.

Once a user has executed a trade,

a post of the chart and position
will be broadcasted to their followers.
Similar to instagram's photo sharing.

Mula harnesses unique chatrooms for every ticker
on the NYSE and NASDAQ markets.

Users can purchase a monthly subscription

to host personal rooms.

Mula's chat network is a more advanced take

on the popular stock trading network

Built from the same engine as discord.​


Ranks and

Based off todays most popular video games, users gain exposure by moving up the worldwide ranking system. 

With two categories, users can explore leaders by portfolio percentage or monetary gains.

Filters can show leaders for the day, month, week, and even the year. 

This system is great for discovering new users and MULA pros. 


Ever dream of going pro?




The Mula Pro League represents the top 350 traders on Mula. These pros get paid by their followers to track their live trading behavior. 

NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, World Poker Tour, Major League Gaming, the list goes on.  Mula is at the forefront of bringing a professional stock trading league to market with the MPL.
MULA PRO LEAGUE is a unique system where the best traders in the world can qualify to enter and earn cash from their fans.

Pro trader profiles are private. 

Ssers can unlock the pro of their choice to obtain exposure to real time trade notifications . the higher ranking the pro, the higher the subscription fee.

Top .01% ranked users that qualify within our special algorithm can turn pro.​

MULA collects 50% of all subscriptions


We're talking elite status.  Our algorithm is based off some of modern day video games best ELO strategies.
The circumstances qualifying a Mula Pro requires the following criteria for users:
1. A MULA user must hold at least $5,000 dollars in gains in their portfolio (GOLD 1 RANK).

2. Must have a positive 60 day winning average on the Mula network.

3. Must trade in the top 1% of the network.

4. Must uphold winning percentage every fiscal quarter to maintain pro status. 

5. Subscription fee's per pro is dependent on pro's world rank. 

6. All subscriptions are single purchases.

7. MULA splits the subscription revenue 50/50 with the Pros.


 A simple strategy for a powerful product:

 Fidelity, Chuck, and TDAmeritrade all share one big problem: Millennial engagement. Generation-Y is a major hole in the global stock market, desperately trying to be filled by every brokerage in the country. The closest attempt so far is Robinhood with its central focus on zero trading fees, yet this has only cracked the door open. To build the right software for a certain demographic requires understanding them. The common stigma against the adolescence has been described as the “Me” generation. This description is not entirely accurate. Yes promotional vanity has skyrocketed but it wouldn’t work without a powerful network. You see the one thing they truly love is culture and fitting into said culture. This society refuses to act on anything alone. Photos, videos, and content must be shared and thoughts must be spread. Connection. They are social. Just not in the same way generation-x is, you know the ones who are the current majority of the stock markets population. 

So these kids love clout and the self fulfillment of having a nucleus of digital friends and followers, but what else do they love? Video Games. The rise of the video game evolution has come. The athletes of the traditional major sports leagues are no longer the only ones being worshipped by fanbases. E-athletes have become celebrities with commercial endorsements and plenty of TV time. Not everyone wants to become the next Steph Curry anymore, many of them want to become the next famous gamer such as Shroud or Ninja. How does a game like Fortnite, Counter-Strike, or League of Legends become addictive enough to create this affluence? They all share the same tool to stir the obsession. Ranking systems. Higher the rank, the higher the self fulfilling sense of achievement, all the while on display for the rest of the community to see. This is the fuel for ones desire to one day be the best. All of the biggest game developers know this as the powerful driving force to generate a culture. 

How does a stock trading company today create a tsunami of interest to flood the gates of attention from our young adults of tomorrow? One must pander to the intrinsic needs of modern day software they already love and adore. Insert Mula; a revolutionary trading platform developed for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The software itself is crafted around the interest of the millennial. Exercising sophisticated social networking, advanced competitive gamification features, and backed by an explosive user interface. Mula harnesses the culture that generation-Y desires. 

Why MULA works: 

  1. Engineering. Mula has a superior UX/UI to its competitors and its not even close. It’s also developed in a highly advanced new language called Flutter. This enables Mula to operate with highly complex stunning visuals one would normally see in a video game. 

  2. Networking. Mula has one competitor (Matador, now called “Social”) that has attempted implement a social network, their system as a whole has been lackluster with poor execution. Robinhood doesn’t carry any social networking abilities.  Mula also incorporates an advanced chat system seen no where else. 

  3. The anti-fiduciary system.  While traditional brokerages my sell you on a traditional broker to manage ones wealth, Mula has invented an entire new system.  Users can pay a subscription  to follow the professional traders of their choice to get their investment information. We have gamified this system known as MULA PRO LEAGUE Which brings us…

  4. MULA PRO.  Mula pro sells an incentive to perform. Users can climb the ranks with good trading practice in hopes to one day qualify for MPL, MULA PRO LEAGUE.  This status is updated every fiscal quarter with the best traders on the entire network, less than .01% can qualify. Mula Pros can earn income by subscriptions from their followers to track their movements.  To retain Mula Pro Status, a user has to meet a set of qualifications every quarter.

MULA MARKETS LLC is prepared to form a partnership with a fully licensed broker dealer. This partnership enables the software of MULA to operate under the umbrella of a parent company, enabling the software to execute trades. The parent company will be responsible for all finances which include development and maintenance. 

Mula is currently in search for a fully licensed broker-dealer/financial institution, compliant with FINRA,SEC, and SIPC to partner with.

The partnership will entail a partial acquisition and merger. The Mula app will operate under the umbrella of the parent broker dealer. 

All brokerage services which include trade executions and insurance will operate by the parent company turning Mula into a fully functional operating brokerage.

Partnerships and Compliance

The team

Nicholas Hornsby


We are first and foremost software developers. Mula Markets LLC is not a financial institution or a licensed broker dealer...yet.
Our sheer focus is making the most exciting trading application experience possible, and so far we have succeeded in that department.

We have spent over 2 years developing a high octane piece of software that will perform well in todays landscape of traders.

Mula was born from the mind of Nicholas Hornsby in the heart of the Bay Area.  A software developer and former professional counter-strike (Popular computer game) player in his early teenage years. He has seen the historical growth and rise of the video game industry along with the patterns and gamification of what makes them competitive and what gives them extremely high usage rates.

Nicholas has teamed up with some of the best engineers and developers in the world to create an amazing and unique product in a extremely rapid growing sector.


Nicole Bullick


Nicole has been a fixture in the Silicon Valley architecture since her post-college job on the San Francisco options floor, assisting a market maker, trading Compaq (CPQ). During the mania of the first dot-com she had her share of highlights and disappointments as an early investor, with companies such as Shutterfly and She has been instrumental in helping found four start-ups which were sold in the early stages of development to larger organizations. Most recently, to Christies. She is an avid video game enthusiast and cryptocurrency trader who has been HODLing onto Bitcoin for over 9 years. Nicole brings a unique outside-the-box management consulting perspective to the MULA team, as many Silicon Valley luminaries respect her advice and counsel. She holds a MA and PhD in History and Theory of Contemporary Art from SFArt Institute and UC Berkeley respectively.

Mark Casillas 


Prior to founding Casillas Law Group, Mr. Casillas practiced law at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati in Silicon Valley, where he helped run one of the largest corporate practices in Silicon Valley, and at LeBoeuf Lamb Greene & MacRae in San Francisco, where he led transactions throughout the United States as well as China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Russia.


Mr. Casillas graduated from Harvard Law School, where he was Managing Editor of the nation’s leading public interest law review. He then clerked for the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, and began his career in New York at Breed Abbott & Morgan before moving to San Francisco.

Ryan Rubio


An entertainment and technology professional with a background in designing and operating consumer facing experiences at scale. Significant experience in strategy development and change team leadership to renew mature categories, beginning in themed entertainment at Universal Studios Hollywood and moving into Fortune 250 Hospitality and Gaming via Caesars Entertainment and then MGM Resorts International. Experienced in building and leading cross functional teams to deliver step change outcomes enabled by technology in conservative institutional settings.

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