We are first and foremost software developers. Mula Markets LLC is not a financial institution or a licensed broker dealer...yet.


Our sheer focus is making the most exciting trading application experience possible, and so far we have succeeded in that department.

  • We have spent over 2 years developing a high octane piece of software that will perform well in todays landscape of traders. 


  • Mula was born from the mind of Nicholas Hornsby in the heart of the Bay Area. A software developer and former professional counter-strike (Popular computer game) player in his early teenage years. He has seen the the historical growth and rise of the video game industry along with the patterns and gamification of what makes them competitive and what gives them extremely high usage rates. 

  • Nicholas has teamed up with some of the best engineers and developers in the world to create an amazing and unique product in a extremely rapid growing sector.


 A simple strategy for a powerful product

The stock market is continuously growing, brokerages such as Robinhood, WeBull, and TD Ameritrade, have seen tremendous growth, doubling their volume of trades year over year.  We will compete with these brokerages and our plan is very simple.

Mula is currently in search for a fully licensed broker-dealer/financial institution, compliant with FINRA,SEC, and SIPC to partner with.

The partnership will entail a partial acquisition and merger. The Mula app will operate under the umbrella of the parent broker dealer. 

All brokerage services which include trade executions and insurance will operate by the parent company turning Mula into a fully functional operating brokerage.


  • Mula offers massive opportunity for revenue streams.  Robinhood, our largest competitor, has reportedly earned over 180 million dollars in quarter two of 2020. 


  • Mula is capable of offering the same revenue models that Robinhood uses and more.




  • Subscription service to unlock live trading feeds from Pros. This feature is known as Mula Pro and patent pending trademarked as the "Anti-Fiduciary system". ​ 

  • Tiered subscription service to unlock margin trading. (Compare to Robinhood gold)

  • Kickbacks from trading houses

  • Private chat rooms 

  • In-App purchases such as skins provide users to change the look for their profiles.

  • Sell order-flow data

  • Loan clients cash to buy stocks on margin

  • Sweep interest off of available funds in a client’s account

  • Lend out securities to short sellers to make money on drop in prices

  • Some also profit by catering to investment advisers



We're talking elite status.  Our algorithm is based off some of modern day video games best ELO strategies.


The circumstances qualifying a Mula Pro requires the following criteria for users:

1. A Mula user must hold at least $5,000 dollars in gains in their portfolio (GOLD 1 RANK).


2. Must have a positive 60 day winning average on the Mula network.


3. Must trade in the top 1% of the network.

4. Must uphold winning percentage every fiscal quarter to maintain pro status 

5. Subscription fee's per pro is dependent on pro's world rank. 


6. All subscriptions are single purchases.

7. Mula splits the subscription revenue 50/50 with the Pros.


Mula changes the way investors find valuable information.